Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mount Bohemia

Off to Bohemia!

So. At the very tiptip of the Upper Pennisula lies a little ski area called Mt. Bohemia. The base area is made up completely of yurts...(which instantly convinced the boyfriend that he was going to build a yurt home) anyway, the place is dead quiet. and lovely. and peaceful. and like no where else I have ever been. The hill is un-groomed, relatively steep and covered in trees. Those perfect tree skiing trees to be
It was the first time I had been up there and it blew my socks off.  There wasn't one run that I wasn't giggling and laughing like a goon. Like nothing else in my midwest neck of the woods over here! It was a perfect weekend filled with cozy cabin in Copper Harbor, delicious food, my favoritest boy in the world and good friends. O! and of course amazing skiing!....snow come back! I want an excuse to escape there again!!!